Using e-ciggarettes and pills

Using the shortcuts to quit smoking easier is something that sounds great. But is it?

E-cigs are great. You try them and they are just like the real thing. You feel great because you have quit, aren't you.
You're still hooked, but now on something else. It's just a matter of time when you'll move back to the real smoking. The only exceptions are those hard core smokers who need something just to break the habit. If you smoke more than 20 a day, then you should consider using them.
The same goes for the pills. They can help you this moment but in the long run you're left on your own, and your will power. You can't take them forever. And when you stop, you'll find yourself with no plan, no weapon and no heads up about what's coming.
The only things you should use are those natural anxiety reducing pills and teas for reducing the stress.