Simpleguided Smoking Plan

The simpleguided smoking plan is the exit plan for those who want to stop smoking. If you want to quit smoking, cigarettes or e-cigs, you found the right place. Here you will find what you need to make the correct mindset and stay on the track without the nicotine. 
How do you do that? They say that physical addiction to smoking is weak, but the mental addiction is stronger than the mental addiction to heroin. So it’s not physically hard to quit, the toxins which create the addiction are gone in a couple of days. It’s the mental image of satisfying the need that draws you to back to this vice.  It’s not easy to beat this devil inside your head. And the only weapon you have is the information. So here are the questions we’re going to deal with in the next few pages:

What are the reasons to quit smoking?
What are the reasons to fail at quitting?
How to get the power to say NO, forever?
How to stay clean?

Nothing works for me. What do I do?