It's no longer cool to smoke

Take a look at this guy. Isn't he cool? It's Che Guevara, the romantic warrior. He had a great life, even today women are crazy about him. However, he didn't live long enough to enjoy the popularity.
You can ask yourself if you really want to sacrifice ten or twenty years of your life just for the false sense of enjoyment when you inhale the burning bush of tobacco.  You want to live fast and die young? Is he still your idol? Take a look at this picture:

Not so cool now, huh? What does it look like, juvenile delinquents planning something despicable? What's the difference between them and the previous guy? They are both smoking and looking dangerous. Let me help you: the second picture is more realistic. This is the true image of a smoker, he's not a hero or a freedom fighter. He's trapped into a slavery of a habit. 

So the next time someone tells you something like "Smokers are calm and look slick" forget the manners, he's spreading lies, just plain deadly and filthy lies.