Is there a way for the other people to help me quit smoking?

If the experience has taught us anything it's that the people in your environment can only be a burden. Here is why:

1. They will put the pressure on you to quit and wake up your desire to rebel, thus reducing your chances to stay away from the cigarettes
2. They will mock you and persuade you not to try because you can't do it. It can create the sense that losing is acceptable.

Although these two points seem contradicting, they are both true. If you can find a reason to smoke, you'll go that way no matter what the logic is, just like the water finds a path. 

3. They will offer you the cigs just to show off, and it will make you vulnerable. Availability creates the chance to fail.
4. They will make you feel uncomfortable to take their cigarettes and force you to buy them, which means giving a final strike to your efforts.

Is there a way for them to help you?

Actually there are a few of them. You can find them in the previous articles. 

1- The one who will take your bet, who will keep your money as the insurance you will not fail. 
2- Your priest or someone who influences you.
3- People with serious illnesses as a consequence of smoking. Talk to them, it's really useful.