I love smoking! Why should I quit?

There are some people who really think they love to smoke. They think of it as of a part of their personality. 

It's nice to think that you have something valuable in your life. But this is not one of them. It's just an illusion. YOU DON"T ENJOY SMOKE. You enjoy the fact that you no longer wait to fulfill your duty to the strict master of your will. You enjoy slimeing up your lungs and making your breath shorter.
You wouldn't want a more potent and powerful body? Better circulation leading to a harder member and greater endurance? 
You don't need a quick brain with clear, undiluted thoughts? You'd rather have an illusion of being calm, which is in fact the brief relief from the grip of the addiction?
You don't like the smell of the world, the fact that you can feel the taste of some meals you don't even know existed? You'd rather smell the burning bush and enjoy it?

Nothing then. Just carry on, stop reading right now.