Do you really want to quit?

Before you start, ask yourself a simple question. Do you really want to quit?

If the answer is no, then you have pros outweighing the cons. Come back when you think about it some more.
If the answer is yes, think about your reasons. Why do you want it? Health? Money you spend? The pressure from your family and friends? Then when you find the reason think about what excuse you'll come up with in a week or two.

  • I'm feeling better, let's celebrate with a ciggy.
  • Hey, I saved 50 bucks this week, now it's time to invest a bit and buy a pack.
  • I'll hide from my wife and smoke myself silly. 

Now that you know that devil is stalking you can prepare yourself for the counter attack.

  • I'm feeling better, a ciggarette will ruin the feeling and in the long run it will end my life sooner and I won't be seeing the people I love as long as I wanted. 
  • Hey, I saved 50 bucks this week. Imagine how much could I save in 52 weeks. I could buy a great Christmas present for 2600 $. 
  • I'll hide from my wife. Actually I'll hide from myself. What's the point of smoking when you can't enjoy it in peace, but hide like a junky.
This is one of the methods you'll need if you want to stay clear. Remember, without planning your chance of failure is about 70%.