Why most of us fail.


This is where the complicated becomes simple


The people around you won't help you, just distract you

I love smoking! Why should I quit?

There are some people who really think they love to smoke. They think of it as of a part of their personality. 

It's nice to think that you have something valuable in your life. But this is not one of them. It's just an illusion. YOU DON"T ENJOY SMOKE. You enjoy the fact that you no longer wait to fulfill your duty to the strict master of your will. You enjoy slimeing up your lungs and making your breath shorter.
You wouldn't want a more potent and powerful body? Better circulation leading to a harder member and greater endurance? 
You don't need a quick brain with clear, undiluted thoughts? You'd rather have an illusion of being calm, which is in fact the brief relief from the grip of the addiction?
You don't like the smell of the world, the fact that you can feel the taste of some meals you don't even know existed? You'd rather smell the burning bush and enjoy it?

Nothing then. Just carry on, stop reading right now. 

7 tips for the first week without the ciggarettes

The first week you will feel awful. The toxins that had been accumulated in your body now want to get out and you may feel sick, coughing out some green slime. Also, your lungs get some extra space to breathe and you may feel a bit dizzy from the extra oxygen. All this can discourage you.

1. Remind yourself that if you have a cig now, you'll have to go through all this again in a while. You still need the effort to bypass the initial disgust with the first cigarette, so it's actually difficult to start smoking again. 
2. Don't go out much. Avoid the people who can tempt you into smoking. 
3. Avoid alcohol and coffee. If you are used to smoking with beer or coffee, just don't do it the first week. 
4. Use some other form of satisfaction instead. To fulfill the hole you can try and make it up with some other activity, eat something new, drink some expensive vine, try something new in your bedroom.
5. Use your regained lung capacity to start exercising more. A day in a gym will show you a preview of what you can gain if you stay clean. And the hormones which are pumped while working out will make you wish you never started smoking. 
6. Plan your every moment for the week to come. The tactics they use in the army is "The working soldier will not think". If you don't have the time to think about it, it's less likely you'll get tempted to smoke. 
7. Find yourself a reward at the end of the week, but not a cigarette.

Using e-ciggarettes and pills

Using the shortcuts to quit smoking easier is something that sounds great. But is it?

E-cigs are great. You try them and they are just like the real thing. You feel great because you have quit, aren't you.
You're still hooked, but now on something else. It's just a matter of time when you'll move back to the real smoking. The only exceptions are those hard core smokers who need something just to break the habit. If you smoke more than 20 a day, then you should consider using them.
The same goes for the pills. They can help you this moment but in the long run you're left on your own, and your will power. You can't take them forever. And when you stop, you'll find yourself with no plan, no weapon and no heads up about what's coming.
The only things you should use are those natural anxiety reducing pills and teas for reducing the stress.

Is there a way for the other people to help me quit smoking?

If the experience has taught us anything it's that the people in your environment can only be a burden. Here is why:

1. They will put the pressure on you to quit and wake up your desire to rebel, thus reducing your chances to stay away from the cigarettes
2. They will mock you and persuade you not to try because you can't do it. It can create the sense that losing is acceptable.

Although these two points seem contradicting, they are both true. If you can find a reason to smoke, you'll go that way no matter what the logic is, just like the water finds a path. 

3. They will offer you the cigs just to show off, and it will make you vulnerable. Availability creates the chance to fail.
4. They will make you feel uncomfortable to take their cigarettes and force you to buy them, which means giving a final strike to your efforts.

Is there a way for them to help you?

Actually there are a few of them. You can find them in the previous articles. 

1- The one who will take your bet, who will keep your money as the insurance you will not fail. 
2- Your priest or someone who influences you.
3- People with serious illnesses as a consequence of smoking. Talk to them, it's really useful. 

Quit smoking and stay there

Quitting smoking is easy. I've done it a million times. 

If this is true for you then you are one of those people who have a problem with the motivation. It's sometimes hard to stay away from the temptation even after several months. You'll want just another one, just one more to prove you don't need them and all those insane and ridiculous excuses you can come up with. I don't want to sound like a religious fanatic but devil is always awake and waiting for your mistake.
And now you know about it, you're half way to beat it. All you need is to assure you won't fail. How? It all depends on your own personality:

If you are a material type find a trusty friend and give him your monthly salary, or any other amount you would regret not having any more. Tell him he can keep it if you smoke again. He doesn't have to always be near you, there are some blood tests you can buy in the drugstores. They show the concentration of the nicotine in your blood.

If you are a religious type, go to your church and solemnly swear in front of God and all the people present that you won't touch a cigarette ever again in your life.

Now you get the idea. Find something important to you and put it at stake. Risking your health isn't always enough to motivate you. It's too vague and far in the future time. You need something to lose NOW.

It's all different for every individual.  And here is what I used. It popped up on my FB wall and probably saved my life - money well spent.

  1. How to Clean Your Lungs
  2. How to Whiten Your Teeth
  3. Quit Smoking Magic

Want to find out more?

Smoking may not kill you, but...

One of the main reasons people don't quit smoking is the fact that not all smokers die from lung cancer. Everyone has an uncle who lived 100 years smoking 60 cigarettes a day. 

Well, this sounds reasonable. But if you take a look at it, you still have 50% chance to die from lung cancer. Just think about it, you DON'T HAVE to smoke, it's not something you're forced to do. And you still take the chance, risking a slow and painful early death. Why? Because you feel good when you smoke. You know what? IT DOESN'T FEEL GOOD. It's just a trick your body plays on you, you don't feel good, you feel relieved, relief from waiting to smoke. That relief will disappear in a couple of weeks if you quit now. 

And in case you miss your shot to get cancer, there's a whole list of wonderful things you may get as a reward for the effort of smoking. 

  1. Gum Diseases
  2. Blindness
  3. Impotence
  4. Diabetes
  5. Pneumonia, emphysema and chronic bronchitis
So is it worth it? To be a slave to something that wishes only the worst to you, not only that, to speak in favor of it, and to find excuses for it. To look forward to being a slave. 

It's no longer cool to smoke

Take a look at this guy. Isn't he cool? It's Che Guevara, the romantic warrior. He had a great life, even today women are crazy about him. However, he didn't live long enough to enjoy the popularity.
You can ask yourself if you really want to sacrifice ten or twenty years of your life just for the false sense of enjoyment when you inhale the burning bush of tobacco.  You want to live fast and die young? Is he still your idol? Take a look at this picture:

Not so cool now, huh? What does it look like, juvenile delinquents planning something despicable? What's the difference between them and the previous guy? They are both smoking and looking dangerous. Let me help you: the second picture is more realistic. This is the true image of a smoker, he's not a hero or a freedom fighter. He's trapped into a slavery of a habit. 

So the next time someone tells you something like "Smokers are calm and look slick" forget the manners, he's spreading lies, just plain deadly and filthy lies. 

Do you really want to quit?

Before you start, ask yourself a simple question. Do you really want to quit?

If the answer is no, then you have pros outweighing the cons. Come back when you think about it some more.
If the answer is yes, think about your reasons. Why do you want it? Health? Money you spend? The pressure from your family and friends? Then when you find the reason think about what excuse you'll come up with in a week or two.

Simpleguided Smoking Plan

The simpleguided smoking plan is the exit plan for those who want to stop smoking. If you want to quit smoking, cigarettes or e-cigs, you found the right place. Here you will find what you need to make the correct mindset and stay on the track without the nicotine. 
How do you do that? They say that physical addiction to smoking is weak, but the mental addiction is stronger than the mental addiction to heroin. So it’s not physically hard to quit, the toxins which create the addiction are gone in a couple of days. It’s the mental image of satisfying the need that draws you to back to this vice.  It’s not easy to beat this devil inside your head. And the only weapon you have is the information. So here are the questions we’re going to deal with in the next few pages:

What are the reasons to quit smoking?
What are the reasons to fail at quitting?
How to get the power to say NO, forever?
How to stay clean?

Nothing works for me. What do I do?